Get Involved

How to get involved

There are numerous ways for you to become involved in the Pine River Market Square (PRMS). We encourage you to become a part of the unique experience.


Being a patron is easy. Just show up at the market at your convenience and browse. All the vendors appreciate your business and are happy to answer any questions you may have.


There are three different ways to become a vendor at the market to suit your particular needs: full season, drop-in, and community booth. The full season option is just as it sounds, you are welcome to participate every Friday for a one time seasonal fee. The drop-in option allows you to try the market on a smaller scale approach, this can be especially great for producers of a seasonal product. First-time free! The community booth is part of what makes the PRMS unique. Drop off your product before the market (by 2pm) and pick up what is left at the end, we will sell it for you for a small fee. A great option for small scale producers.

We are working hard to improve access to local foods. Sometimes knowing what is available can be half the battle. If none of these options fit your business as a vendor and you are a food producer in a 60 mile radius of Pine River we would be happy to display your business card or brochure. Please send them to the address on our contact page.


PRMS is always looking for friendly volunteers. Tasks vary from helping put up signs and tents to operating the community booth. Time is a valuable resource and if you would like to share we would be happy to find a spot for you.

If you would like to take your involvement to the next level we would love to have you join our governing board. The PRMS Board helps make the market run smoothly every Friday and does lots of behind the scenes work to try to continually improve the market environment.


As we all know it takes a little capital to make the world go round. As a sponsor your donation will go a long way to help make the PRMS a stronger market.

Contact us to learn more!


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